1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Christmas Schedule 2020


    Leading Catering Equipment is open through holiday period except for the public holidays. We are always here when our customer needs us.


    Placing an Order

    December is extremely a busy time for freight carriers, orders may result in longer than estimated transit times. Place your orders early to ensure that you have the equipment when you need it.

    Orders placed after 22nd Dec might be experiencing delay in despatch due to some suppliers’ warehouse closure.


    Live chat

    Please be aware that live chat service will be unavailable during Public holidays a

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  2. We have just Launched LD-X Commercial Refrigeration Series

    We have just launched a new commercial refrigeration series: LD-X.


    The innovative LD-X range is a brand-new series, from Leading Catering, based on performance, efficiency and the environment. This exclusive series is made up of an elite group of eco-friendly commercial refrigeration products that use the latest features in modern day cooling and freezing.

    LD-X Commercial Refrigeration Series

    This series is our first collection of professionally

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  3. Five must have Food Preparation Equipment for Caterers and Restaurant Kitchen

    Food preparation equipment is one of the several types of tools used in the kitchen. These are the equipment that is used to formulate, cook, package, and store food. They are mostly used in a large restaurant kitchen or by those in the catering business to ease food preparation and also to increase the lifespan of meals and consumables, in general, be it liquid or solid.

    There are so many machines and tools that fall into this section. Among are mixers, meat tenderizers, slicers, blenders, whisk, meat marinator, and others. The list is so much and unending but it doesn't mean you have to purchase all for your business. Although they have their special purpose and benefits, not all are compulsory for your business. Even at the early stage of your business, you can still make do with four to five of them and begin to purchase more as the business expands.

    Commercial Kitchen Mixer

    In this blog post, we want to share important information about the five must-have food processing equipment for either your catering or restaurant business. They are considered "must-have" because they can't be done without in the kitchen. For example, think about the stress of mixing your bread or pizza dough with the manual processes. What if they ordered in large quantities?


    The following are the five must-have food equipment you must have in your restaurant kitchen.

    1. Mixer

    Commercial Mixer

    The use of a mixer in your restaurant kitchen is inevitable because people love pizza, bread, and meals that require a thorough mixture of ingredients. A mixer is a kitchen equipment that blend, stir together, and combine different material into a single substance. It is of different types, which include the Spiral mixer, planetary mixer, stand mixer, dough mixer, and even the blender.

    The mixers usually made up of a bowl and an agitator. The agitator can be a whip or blade and depending on the model, a strong electric motor is either connected to the bowl or the agitator. So that while one remains stationary, the other one is moving at a great speed to cause the mixture of the materials placed in it.

    The machine does not only save you the stress but also reduces the time for the preparation of a meal. And having a machine with such working capacity in your arsenal is an advantage during rushing time. It does assist caterers to meet the high demands on them and a thorough mixture of the food ingredients is assured.


    2. Slicers and cutters

    A commercial kitchen ought to be a place where all the fascinating occurs. It is where cooking becomes easy, interesting, faster, and orderly. Lots of these can be accomplished by having a cutter or a slicer in your kitchen. These are the equipment that is used in cutting meats, fruits, bread, and vegetables into various sizes and shapes with the use of less effort.

    The dicers and the graters also fall into this category. Sometimes they are made separately, but nowadays the manufacturers are making the combined models. These are models that can perform both slicing and cutting. An example of that is the Dito Sama combined cutter and vegetable slicers.

    The precision achieved by using a meat slicer is another reason for you to add it to your buying kart. With a meat slicer, you can cut meat into various sizes accurately unlike using a knife. 


    3. Dough rollers

    Now that you have your dough out from the mixer, it's time to make them flat and divide them into different sizes. But how are you going to do that correctly with the large quantity of dough you have on your table? Maybe get more staff and have more people on your payroll at the end of the month. No, for the success of your business you need to cut away unnecessary expenses. An investment on a dough roller will do the task.

    A dough roller or dough sheeter is a kitchen equipment that is usually used by bakeries, catering services, and restaurants to compress dough into sheets. The roller press so hard on the dough to produce a flatter and consistent dough sheets unlike using the manual dough pin. This machine is very important in your kitchen because there is always a high demand for bread and pastries. Moreover, hardly a day will go by without people ordering their pizzas.

    The set is never complete until you buy a dough divider. A dough divider is a machine used for cutting the dough into different sizes. This equipment is specially made in different solid shapes to cut pizza or dough into different shapes.  


    4. Gastronorm pans

    Gastronorm Pans

    Food preparation goes beyond the tools that are used to make meals, but also include food preservative equipment. One of such is the gastronorm pans that are made in nine different sizes and several designs. The gastronorm pans are trays that are used to preserve, and carry prepared meals about in the kitchen or for outdoor service.

    The pans are produced with materials like stainless steel, melamine, porcelain, and polypropylene. The materials used in its production is the major factor that determines its uses. The stainless steel GN is perfect for keeping the temperature of food while the polypropylene pans can be used as racks in the refrigerator to preserve food substance. And some other materials are good for displaying meals.   


    5. Shelves

    A spacious kitchen should be the place where all the food

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  4. Kingo Clearance

    Leading Autumn Promotion - Kingo Clearance

    Autumn Promotion 2020 - Kingo Clearance

    45% OFF everything!

    For superb, magnificent and perfect buffet equipment, check out our Kingo Clearance here.


    Valid: 2nd March - 31st May 2020

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  5. Choosing the Right Commercial Freezer

    Everybody in the food business knows the importance of refrigeration. Caterers and restaurateurs cannot run their business successfully without the use of a refrigerating system. The refrigerator is that which helps a caterer to preserve the quality of their perishable items and it is also the entity behind the cold drinks served in the restaurants. One cannot imagine what these businesses would be without the refrigerator. Maybe they would be running at loss or probably having frequent lawsuits for serving the public with unhygienic meals.



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  6. Top tips for buying stainless steel benches

    A kitchen bench is a piece of furniture on which foods are prepared. The bench is where most of the cooking processes such as cutting, mixing, rolling, and blending are performed. It is the Centre of authority as far as the kitchen is concerned, and its usage comes before the likes of pots and other kitchen utensils. It is used in all kitchen environments, including restaurants and hotels. 

    Leading Catering Stainless Steel Workbench

    The first set of kitchenware receives the likes of wooden benches. However, that did not stay long because of the effect of water on it. Then, it began to evolve into concrete, luxurious marble, tiles, laminated benchtops, and timber. But nowadays, stainless steel benches have dominated the market. 

    Apart from the fact that they are movable, stainless steel benchtops are great in all ramifications. Let's begin with its aesthetic features. These products are fashionable, sweet with their bright and shiny metallic surface. Their beauty cannot be hidden, and they will surely attract attention irrespective of their position in the kitchen. 

    They are generally versatile. One of these in your kitchen would cover the need for some other small wares in the kitchen. Their maintenance is straightforward, and simple cleaning with water and towel will restore the sparkling beauty. The benchmark for a high-class restaurant is their hygienic qualities, and this is what these benches offer. They give no room

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  7. Free GN pans for Bain Marie

    Free GN Pan for Bain Marie


    Free GN pans for Bain Marie

    With any glass cover Bain Marie purchases, you can get free GN pans at Leading Catering! That is your instantly saving up to $258! Various pan setting combination including 1/1GN pans, ½ GN pans, 1/3 GN Pans and ¼ GN pans (up to 100mm depth) are available.

    Inquiry today with our sales rep to find the best options for your business!


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  8. Extra One Year Warranty on Refrigeration Units

    Extra 1 Year Warranty


    Extra 1 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Units


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  9. 7 Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

    There are currently over 85,000 different places to eat in Australia. That includes over 22,000 restaurants and nearly 7,000 pubs. However, locals and tourists tend to narrow this number down when equipment issues close up the kitchen.

    With these seven restaurant equipment maintenance tips, you can ensure your kitchen runs smoothly.

    That way, you won't have to close up to get it all fixed it.

    Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips at Leading Catering

    Keep the kitchen open and the food cooking with these seven tips.

    1. Check the Air Filters

    To start your routine restaurant

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  10. 7 Amazing Benefits of Stainless Steel Benches for Your Business

    Catering is seriously big business in Australia.

    Indeed, it generates approximately $8 billion each year to the country’s economy and employs almost 38,000 people.

    With stiff competition around the country, success in this business is no easy feat.

    Of course, many factors determine success and failure. However, quality materials, equipment and processes make an almighty difference.

    Stainless Steel Benches in Commercial Kitchen

    Kitchen benches are one specific example of an item that plays a role in catering proceedings. After all, worktops are where the food gets prepared! Finding the perfect worktop is vital.

    The benefits of stainless steel benches make them the premium choice in the industry.

    Cheaper alternatives fail to even compare. Looking to invest in new kitchen benches and need persuading of stainless steel incentives?

    Read on to discover how your catering business stands to gain from them.

    1. Function and Aesthetics

    First thing’s first:

    Stainless steel looks great.

    Now, this may not be the primary attribute on your mind when searching for kitchen benches. However, aesthetic appeal is undoubtedly a positive characteristic!

    The shiny, metallic surface creates a professional, sleek and sophisticated look for any kitchen.

    Even better, it’s incredibly versatile in appearance. That means stainless steel benches fit in well wherever they’re placed; the same worktop will look just as good in any location.

    Aesthetics in the absence of function is good to nobody, though. Thankfully, stainless steel is fit for culinary purposes as well (more on this in the coming points).

    As such, your kitchen benefits from the perfect combination of looks and functionality.

    Stone Top Stainless Steel Bench

    2. Range of Products

    Good news! Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel worktops aren’t limited in design.

    You aren’t restricted to one standard type of steel worktop. Instead, you can find a wide array of options. Finding the best bench for your specific kitchen becomes more straight-forward.

    Stainless steel benches vary both in terms of form and finish.

    At Leading Catering Equipment, we also offer stone top stainless steel benches. Furthermore, these benches come in an array of shapes, sizes and functions too. For instance, you could opt to get a stone splashback for your new stone top stainless steel bench.

    All told, stainless steel benches offer high levels of versatility. There’s a stainless steel bench for every kitchen.

    3. Hygienic and Easy to Clean

    Let’s turn to practical considerations.

    What’s arguably the most important aspect of catering? Food hygiene, right?

    Your catering business won’t be around for long if it doesn’t abide by the highest food hygiene standards. Passing legal inspections isn’t always enough.

    Imagine your customers getting sick from your food. It can lead to irreparable reputational damage and even potential litigation.

    As you know, the surface on which food is prepared makes all the difference.

    Thankfully, stainless steel is well-known for its hygienic nature

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