1. How To Choose A Gas Equipment For Your Catering Business

    Safety, space and efficiency should be your top priority when choosing commercial cooking equipment for your kitchen and gas equipment is a preferred choice. While electric equipment is booming as the new, hip and high-tech thing, kitchen managers stick to gas equipment since it’s less expensive and more efficient to use.

    But what factors do you need to consider when looking for gas equipment? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

    How To Choose A Gas Equipment For Your Catering Business


    Gas vs. Electric: Which one should you choose?

    The traditional gas equipment gives you the long-term efficiency you need. Com

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  2. We Want You to Save in this August!

    Save $100 When You Spend over $1000

    Save $100 When You Spend over $1000


    Save $100 when you spend over $1000 (excluding GST and freight) in one transaction.

    Use code: SAVE100. Simply apply the code at checkout. *Online Only*

    Valid until 30th September 2021

    *Terms & conditions apply.


    Buying more? Have a chat with our friendly sales team on LiveChat or call 03 8657 3937. Better discounts are awaiting!


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  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Christmas Schedule 2020


    Leading Catering Equipment is open through holiday period except for the public holidays. We are always here when our customer needs us.


    Placing an Order

    December is extremely a busy time for freight carriers, orders may result in longer than estimated transit times. Place your orders early to ensure that you have the equipment when you need it.

    Orders placed after 22nd Dec might be experiencing delay in despatch due to some suppliers’ warehouse closure.


    Live chat

    Please be aware that live chat service will be unavailable during Public holidays a

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  4. We have just Launched LD-X Commercial Refrigeration Series

    We have just launched a new commercial refrigeration series: LD-X.


    The innovative LD-X range is a brand-new series, from Leading Catering, based on performance, efficiency and the environment. This exclusive series is made up of an elite group of eco-friendly commercial refrigeration products that use the latest features in modern day cooling and freezing.

    LD-X Commercial Refrigeration Series

    This series is our first collection of professionally made

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  5. Five must have Food Preparation Equipment for Caterers and Restaurant Kitchen

    Food preparation equipment is one of the several types of tools used in the kitchen. These are the equipment that is used to formulate, cook, package, and store food. They are mostly used in a large restaurant kitchen or by those in the catering business to ease food preparation and also to increase the lifespan of meals and consumables, in general, be it liquid or solid.

    There are so many machines and tools that fall into this section. Among are mixers, meat tenderizers, slicers, blenders, whisk, meat marinator, and others. The list is so much and unending but it doesn't mean you have to purchase all for your business. Although they have their special purpose and benefits, not all are compulsory for your business. Even at the early stage of your business, you can still make do with four to five of them and begin to purchase more as the business expands.

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  6. Kingo Clearance

    Leading Autumn Promotion - Kingo Clearance

    Autumn Promotion 2020 - Kingo Clearance

    45% OFF everything!

    For superb, magnificent and perfect buffet equipment, check out our Kingo Clearance here.


    Valid: 2nd March - 31st May 2020


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  7. Choosing the Right Commercial Freezer

    Everybody in the food business knows the importance of refrigeration. Caterers and restaurateurs cannot run their business successfully without the use of a refrigerating system. The refrigerator is that which helps a caterer to preserve the quality of their perishable items and it is also the entity behind the cold drinks served in the restaurants. One cannot imagine what these businesses would be without the refrigerator. Maybe they would be running at loss or probably having frequent lawsuits for serving the public with unhygienic meals.



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  8. Top tips for buying stainless steel benches

    A kitchen bench is a piece of furniture on which foods are prepared. The bench is where most of the cooking processes such as cutting, mixing, rolling, and blending are performed. It is the Centre of authority as far as the kitchen is concerned, and its usage comes before the likes of pots and other kitchen utensils. It is used in all kitchen environments, including restaurants and hotels. 

    Leading Catering Stainless Steel Workbench

    The first set of kitchenware receives the likes of wooden benches. However, that did not stay long because of the effect of water on it. Then,

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  9. Free GN pans for Bain Marie

    Free GN Pan for Bain Marie


    Free GN pans for Bain Marie

    With any glass cover Bain Marie purchases, you can get free GN pans at Leading Catering! That is your instantly saving up to $258! Various pan setting combination including 1/1GN pans, ½ GN pans, 1/3 GN Pans and ¼ GN pans (up to 100mm depth) are available.

    Inquiry today with our sales rep to find the best options for your business!


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  10. Extra One Year Warranty on Refrigeration Units

    Extra 1 Year Warranty


    Extra 1 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Units


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