1. Top tips for buying stainless steel benches

    A kitchen bench is a piece of furniture on which foods are prepared. The bench is where most of the cooking processes such as cutting, mixing, rolling, and blending are performed. It is the Centre of authority as far as the kitchen is concerned, and its usage comes before the likes of pots and other kitchen utensils. It is used in all kitchen environments, including restaurants and hotels. 

    Leading Catering Stainless Steel Workbench

    The first set of kitchenware receives the likes of wooden benches. However, that did not stay long because

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  2. Free GN pans for Bain Marie

    Free GN Pan for Bain Marie


    Free GN pans for Bain Marie

    With any glass cover Bain Marie purchases, you can get free GN pans at Leading Catering! That is your instantly saving up to $258! Various pan setting combination including 1/1GN pans, ½ GN pans, 1/3 GN Pans and ¼ GN pans (up to 100mm depth) are available.

    Inquiry today with our sales rep to find the best options for your business!


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  3. Extra One Year Warranty on Refrigeration Units

    Extra 1 Year Warranty


    Extra 1 Year Warranty on Refrigeration Units


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  4. 7 Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

    There are currently over 85,000 different places to eat in Australia. That includes over 22,000 restaurants and nearly 7,000 pubs. However, locals and tourists tend to narrow this number down when equipment issues close up the kitchen.

    With these seven restaurant equipment maintenance tips, you can ensure your kitchen runs smoothly.

    That way, you won't have to close up to get it all fixed it.

    Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Tips at Leading Catering

    Keep the kitchen open and the food cooking with these seven tips.

    1. Check the Air Filters

    To start your routine restaurant

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  5. 7 Amazing Benefits of Stainless Steel Benches for Your Business

    Catering is seriously big business in Australia.

    Indeed, it generates approximately $8 billion each year to the country’s economy and employs almost 38,000 people.

    With stiff competition around the country, success in this business is no easy feat.

    Of course, many factors determine success and failure. However, quality materials, equipment and processes make an almighty difference.

    Stainless Steel Benches in Commercial Kitchen

    Kitchen benches are one specific example of an item that plays a role in catering proceedings. After all, worktops are where the food gets prepared! Finding the perfect worktop is vital.

    The benefits of s

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  6. Starting a Catering Company? 9 Types of Catering Equipment You Need

    If you have a passion for food and serving your community, catering may be the perfect profession for you.

    For those not familiar with the catering profession, however, the industry can seem a bit daunting!

    A lot of work and equipment go into running a successful catering business. If you aren't familiar with professional kitchen equipment, you probably don't know where to start.

    We've compiled a list below of all the catering equipment that you will need to get your catering business up and running. Keep reading to learn what equipment will have you on your way to success!


    Start Catering Company

    Must-Have Catering Equipment

    Whether you are just

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  7. Ice Machine Buying Guide

    Ice machines (or ice makers) are your main dispensers for ice, which provides the makeup for your drinks. Ice makers are essential for any working bar, club, restaurant or pub to produce a cool and refreshing taste to your drinks, or to keep your stock cold and preserved within your commercial refrigeration units.

    Like any other catering appliances there needs to be careful choice in what type of industrial ice maker or ice machine you choose for your kitchen, bar or restaurant.

    Here we look at the different types of ice you can produce, positioning, quantity and general tips.


    Ice Machine Buying Guide



    One of the first things to understand when it c

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  8. The Perfect Display for Your CAFÉ

    Display, decoration and presentation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to attracting business to your restaurant or café. Many establishments utilise creativity signage and graphics, interesting décor and furniture, booths and plenty of space, but most, if not all cafes and restaurants are bound to have a display unit seated near their store front.

    A display unit helps in showcasing your range of meals, sides and ingredients, depending on what type of food you’re selling. Whether it’s a chilled or cake display in a café or bakery to highlight your pastries and desserts, a heated food display for hot meals and ingredients such as pastries and meat or a sandwich bar in a small health food store or cafe for wraps and sandwiches.

    Your Perfec

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  9. BIG SHOWROOM CLEARANCE at Leading Catering Equipment

    Leading Catering Equipment is now having a massive showroom clearance – so if you’re looking for that last missing piece to your home appliances or kitchenware and you’re on a budget this is one special that you don’t want to miss!!

    We’ve got plenty of discounts on a whole range of products, saving you precious dollars, whether it’s cost-saving for your budget or cutting down unnecessary expenses, we have you covered with our special clearance sale!

    We’re clearing out many different catering equipment appliances from display fridges to dishwashers and vacuum pumps! So, get in quick before they leave the store!

    Showroom Clearance at Leading Catering

    Here are the main products

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  10. Easter Sale

    Leading Catering Easter Sale

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