1. Ice Machine Buying Guide

    Ice machines (or ice makers) are your main dispensers for ice, which provides the makeup for your drinks. Ice makers are essential for any working bar, club, restaurant or pub to produce a cool and refreshing taste to your drinks, or to keep your stock cold and preserved within your commercial refrigeration units.

    Like any other catering appliances there needs to be careful choice in what type of industrial ice maker or ice machine you choose for your kitchen, bar or restaurant.

    Here we look at the different types of ice you can produce, positioning, quantity and general tips.


    Ice Machine Buying Guide



    One of the first things to understand when it c

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  2. The Perfect Display for Your CAFÉ

    Display, decoration and presentation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to attracting business to your restaurant or café. Many establishments utilise creativity signage and graphics, interesting décor and furniture, booths and plenty of space, but most, if not all cafes and restaurants are bound to have a display unit seated near their store front.

    A display unit helps in showcasing your range of meals, sides and ingredients, depending on what type of food you’re selling. Whether it’s a chilled or cake display in a café or bakery to highlight your pastries and desserts, a heated food display for hot meals and ingredients such as pastries and meat or a sandwich bar in a small health food store or cafe for wraps and sandwiches.

    Your Perfec

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  3. BIG SHOWROOM CLEARANCE at Leading Catering Equipment

    Leading Catering Equipment is now having a massive showroom clearance – so if you’re looking for that last missing piece to your home appliances or kitchenware and you’re on a budget this is one special that you don’t want to miss!!

    We’ve got plenty of discounts on a whole range of products, saving you precious dollars, whether it’s cost-saving for your budget or cutting down unnecessary expenses, we have you covered with our special clearance sale!

    We’re clearing out many different catering equipment appliances from display fridges to dishwashers and vacuum pumps! So, get in quick before they leave the store!

    Showroom Clearance at Leading Catering

    Here are the main products

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  4. Easter Sale

    Leading Catering Easter Sale

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  5. Deep Fryer Buying Guide

    Deep fryers can fry up a versatile range of meals and ingredients from mains to side dishes, appetizers and snacks. Their simple to use functions make it easy to operate both within a commercial kitchen or within the comfort of your own home.

    Interested? Then Leading Catering Equipment has you covered, we sell fryers from the best global catering equipment brands. Our fryers vary in both size and features, so it’s important to know which deep fryer is most suited to your kitchen.

    In this guide we look at deep fryers more closely, to help you make the right decision and select the most compatible one with full knowledge on the variety out there and the processes involved - whether you’re operating one within your restaurant, takeaway shop or home.

     Deep Frye

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  6. The Different Types of Commercial Washing Equipment for Commercial Kitchen

    Hygiene and cleanliness are one of the highest priorities when it comes to maintaining a commercial kitchen. Creating meals, pouring beverages, cooking and cleaning can be become a very messy process. It can cause bacteria to surface, as well as stains, marks and odours, so it becomes obvious that certain hygienic standards need to be met to ensure you’re delivering the best service possible within the safest environment for both your staff and customers.

    At Leading Catering Equipment we offer a huge variety of commercial dishwashers and washing equipment to make sure this standard can be easily met within your own establishment, whether that’s a restaurant, café, bar, club or corner store. Here are some of the pieces of equipment and appliances you should consider for your business…


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  7. The History and Effectiveness of Bain Marie

    A bain marie, or double boiler, is a French term for “a piece of equipment used to keep materials warm over a period of time,” which is exactly what the bain marie cabinets do. A type of ‘heated bath’ or piece of equipment that can gradually heat or maintain temperature for food for cooking purposes, it can also be used within a variety of different scenarios unrelated to cooking.

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  8. Food Processor

    Food Processor

    Are you able to ever imagine a kitchen without a food processor? It's one of the most effective and versatile appliances in the modern kitchen. It requires care of monotonous, dismal kitchen jobs from the comfort of slicing to dicing, slicing to chopping, grinding to blending. No surprise that cooking has become a pleasurable experience with the arrival of this and you are feeling like cooking again and again!

    If you're on the buying spree, looking to buy the best food processor for your kitchen then recall that there are numerous models available in the marketplace and you have to do a little homework to ascertain the best food processor that fits

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  9. Technology Good for Restaurant Business

    POS Terminal

    From point-of-sales systems and table-management software to wireless headsets and silent pagers, technology has become fundamental to the restaurant and hospitality industry.

    Walk in the door at Kinkead’s, an award-winning restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue in northwest Washington DC, and you will quickly understand the importance of technology to the food service bottom line. The restaurant, spread out over three floors, is a technology-enhanced operation.

    "When guests first walk in the restaurant, they are greeted by the host, who calls upstairs on o

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  10. 4 Major Aspects to Be Considered For Restaurant Staff Training

    commercial catering equipment

    To have a profitable restaurant business, restaurant managers have to manage various resources very efficiently and optimally. One of these resources that are particularly important for the long-term success of the restaurant is its personnel or staff of the restaurant. Usually, the nature of work at restaurants consists of looking at various in-house services, customer hospitality-related tasks, and so on. To offer the best services to customers, the staff or employees working at the restaurant must be trained in various aspects of the business. Ultimately, the best services offered to the customers yield more business or profits for the restaurant.

    4 Major Aspects to Be Considered For Restaurant

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