1. The History and Effectiveness of Bain Marie

    A bain marie, or double boiler, is a French term for “a piece of equipment used to keep materials warm over a period of time,” which is exactly what the bain marie cabinets do. A type of ‘heated bath’ or piece of equipment that can gradually heat or maintain temperature for food for cooking purposes, it can also be used within a variety of different scenarios unrelated to cooking.

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  2. Food Processor

    Food Processor

    Are you able to ever imagine a kitchen without a food processor? It's one of the most effective and versatile appliances in the modern kitchen. It requires care of monotonous, dismal kitchen jobs from the comfort of slicing to dicing, slicing to chopping, grinding to blending. No surprise that cooking has become a pleasurable experience with the arrival of this and you are feeling like cooking again and again!

    If you're on the buying spree, looking to buy the best food processor for your kitchen then recall that there are numerous models available in the marketplace and you have to do a little homework to ascertain the best food processor that fits

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  3. Technology Good for Restaurant Business

    POS Terminal

    From point-of-sales systems and table-management software to wireless headsets and silent pagers, technology has become fundamental to the restaurant and hospitality industry.

    Walk in the door at Kinkead’s, an award-winning restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue in northwest Washington DC, and you will quickly understand the importance of technology to the food service bottom line. The restaurant, spread out over three floors, is a technology-enhanced operation.

    "When guests first walk in the restaurant, they are greeted by the host, who calls upstairs on o

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  4. 4 Major Aspects to Be Considered For Restaurant Staff Training

    commercial catering equipment

    To have a profitable restaurant business, restaurant managers have to manage various resources very efficiently and optimally. One of these resources that are particularly important for the long-term success of the restaurant is its personnel or staff of the restaurant. Usually, the nature of work at restaurants consists of looking at various in-house services, customer hospitality-related tasks, and so on. To offer the best services to customers, the staff or employees working at the restaurant must be trained in various aspects of the business. Ultimately, the best services offered to the customers yield more business or profits for the restaurant.

    4 Major Aspects to Be Considered For Restaurant

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  5. 5 Tips For Making Your Small Cafeteria Ready For Big Business During Holiday Seasons

    cafe tables

    The holiday season is approaching, and you may be wondering how to rev up your small cafeteria during this festive season. Adding new dishes, interesting themes and colourful cafe furniture are some common things that may be going around your mind. Different new avenues have opened up with technological developments, as well. Explore these avenues when you are planning big for the holiday season.

    5 Tips For Making Your Small Cafeteria Ready For Big Business During Holiday Seasons

    Here are some simple tips for helping you in this preparation.

    1. Plan concise, theme oriented menus for quick,

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