Commercial Refrigeration

Leading Catering Equipment is incredibly proud to act as your one-stop shop for all of your commercial refrigeration and ice machine needs. When you're running a food business, the importance of having the type of equipment that you can depend on is something that cannot be overstated enough. You depend on your refrigeration to ensure your products remain in good condition and comply with health and safety food regulations to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Leading Catering Equipment offers commercial refrigeration and ice machine products from all of today's leading manufacturers including Grand, TechnoTherm and more. Regardless of the type of food service business you operate, we have something that will help you keep up with demand and address the unique challenges that you face daily. If space is a concern, we have a range of compact countertop fridges, blast chillers, and freezers. If you're looking for something on the larger side, we stock a wide selection of commercial fridges and freezers, from single door units all the way through to expansive triple-door refrigerators to suit all budgets and space restrictions. We also stock a wide range of ice machines designed for all environments, whether that is under-bench, on-bench, or floor standing models. All items are available at the most competitive prices possible.

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  1. -15%
    Supermarket Panorama 2 Door Chiller Display DC-125B
    Regular Price $8,798.90 Special Price $7,478.90 $6,799.00
  2. -15%
    Supermarket Panorama 3 Door Chiller Display DC-187B
    Regular Price $12,098.90 Special Price $10,283.90 $9,349.00
  3. -15%
    Supermarket Panorama 4 Door Chiller Display DC-250B
    Regular Price $14,848.90 Special Price $12,621.40 $11,474.00
  4. -15%
    Thermaster Compact Deli Display ST15LK
    Regular Price $5,995.00 Special Price $5,095.20 $4,632.00
  5. -15%
    Thermaster Compact Deli Display ST20LK
    Regular Price $6,930.00 Special Price $5,890.50 $5,355.00
  6. -15%
    Thermaster Compact Deli Display ST25LK
    Regular Price $8,338.00 Special Price $7,087.30 $6,443.00
  7. -15%
    Thermaster Dual Zone Two Door Premium Wine Cooler WB-218B
    Regular Price $3,848.90 Special Price $3,271.40 $2,974.00
  8. -15%
    Thermaster Single Zone 490L Premium Wine Cooler WB-194B
    Regular Price $2,748.90 Special Price $2,336.40 $2,124.00
  9. -15%
    Thermaster Underbench 65L Wine Cooler WB-24H
    Regular Price $594.00 Special Price $504.90 $459.00
  10. -15%
    Thermaster Single Zone 760L Premium Wine Cooler WB-271B
    Regular Price $3,848.90 Special Price $3,271.40 $2,974.00
  11. -15%
    Thermaster Bench Slushy Freezer WC-72
    Regular Price $1,428.90 Special Price $1,214.40 $1,104.00
  12. -30%
    Stainless Steel Two Door Bench Fridge - LD2100TN
    Regular Price $2,656.50 Special Price $1,868.90 $1,699.00
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Items 1-12 of 547

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