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Commercial kitchen equipment is the bread and butter to any business and the essential tools for a productive kitchen. At Leading Catering Equipment, we sell only the best equipment and appliances in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant equipment makes up the basic tools to cook, create and clean. We sell a range of the highest quality equipment used in all the best commercial kitchens across the country. These products are sourced from all the leading brands across the globe including Modular Systems, Black Panther, Fagor, Belleview, Skipio and Temperature Thermaster. Our range of commercial catering equipment is renowned for being both the most reliable and practical in the kitchen.

Our restaurant equipment is made from heavy duty materials with a variety of features and options, depending on the product. We sell everything from general catering equipment, commercial refrigeration units, stainless steel benches, furniture, kitchen and tableware.

We provide equipment and restaurant supply to a variety of dealers and catering businesses and have so for decades. Many businesses, restaurants and cafes come directly to Leading Catering Equipment for the best tools in the trade and our expert advice from years of experience and built up knowledge of the industry.

Choosing the right commercial cooking equipment is also important to your business, but we make this process simple. Whether you’re fitting out a commercial kitchen, looking for an item at a low price or seeing which product will be the most useful in the long run, we have you covered, and can help you choose the best unit.

Factors to consider when selecting the right equipment includes material, build, internal features, cost and sizes. Taking this information into consideration can help cut down your list and focus on your needs.

We understand the significant value of commercial kitchen equipment to any restaurant or café and only provide the highest quality products and appliances with the most efficient service possible.

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  1. JD-UC340 Utility Trolley

    Starting at $22.95 +GST

  2. -9%
    TOMKIN - Pizza plate aluminium 15inch
    Special Price $10.00 +GST Regular Price $11.00 +GST
  3. -9%
    TOMKIN - Pizza plate aluminium 18inch
    Special Price $15.00 +GST Regular Price $16.50 +GST
  4. -17%
    TOMKIN - Chef inox wood spoon 300mm
    Special Price $2.80 +GST Regular Price $3.37 +GST
  5. -20%
    TOMKIN - Chef inox wood spoon 350mm
    Special Price $3.00 +GST Regular Price $3.75 +GST
  6. -3%
    TOMKIN - kalix
    Special Price $3.00 +GST Regular Price $3.10 +GST
  7. -15%
    TOMKIN - Electra
    Special Price $4.50 +GST Regular Price $5.32 +GST
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