Practical, reliable, well-built are just some of the words to describe Leading Catering Equipment’s brilliant variety of second hand commercial kitchen equipment within our factory 2nds clearance sale!

Our second hand catering equipment can work wonders for your restaurant, café, catering business or takeaway shop and save you costs, which is great if you’re a start-up business on a tight budget. Even though this equipment is used, or contains slight wear and tear, we have ensured any product that leaves our doors is serviced to the highest standards possible.

We have stored a huge range of products, equipment and tools from a variety of the most innovative catering equipment businesses. Our sale includes key items from used commercial refrigeration like fridges and freezers to second hand food displays for presentation, stainless steel kitchen benches for working, commercial cooking equipment and cookware to prepare meals, drink dispensers, grills, microwaves and much, much more. We have so much stock available in our clearance sale that any restaurant or cafe owner is bound to find something they need.

We have offices in both News South Wales and Victoria, both of which are conveniently located near the major capital cities – Sydney and Melbourne. If you can’t visit directly you can always order online or contact us.

Leading Catering Equipment has up to 40% off selected items with extended warranty options – which provides you with absolute peace of mind.

Any business owner that needs to budget or save needs to take advantage of our popular factory 2nds clearance sale. We know equipment can be expensive and that is why we offer the best used equipment at the lowest prices.

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  1. -40%
    2NDs: Right Inlet Double Sink Dishwasher Bench - DSBD7-1800R
    Special Price $856.00 +GST Regular Price $1,427.90 +GST
  2. -40%
    2NDs: Right Dishwasher Outlet Bench - WBBD-7-0900R
    Special Price $635.00 +GST Regular Price $1,059.90 +GST
  3. -40%
    2NDs: Left Dishwasher Outlet Bench - WBBD-7-0900L
    Special Price $635.00 +GST Regular Price $1,059.90 +GST
  4. -40%
    2NDs: Right Inlet Double Sink Dishwasher Bench - DSBD-7-1500R
    Special Price $1,508.00 +GST Regular Price $2,514.90 +GST
  5. -40%
    2NDs: Corner Workbench - WBCB7-0900/A
    Special Price $449.00 +GST Regular Price $749.00 +GST
  6. -40%
    2NDs: Right Dishwasher Outlet Bench - WBBD-7-1800R
    Special Price $1,010.00 +GST Regular Price $1,684.90 +GST
  7. -40%
    2NDs: Double Centre Sink Bench with Pot Undershelf - DSB7-2100C/A
    Special Price $959.00 +GST Regular Price $1,599.00 +GST
  8. -40%
    2NDs: Natural Gas 6 Burner Char Grill Top - QR-36
    Special Price $1,194.00 +GST Regular Price $1,990.00 +GST
  9. -40%
    2NDs: Natural Gas Char Grill on Cabinet JZH-RH
    Special Price $2,352.00 +GST Regular Price $3,920.00 +GST
  10. -40%
    2NDs: Counter Top Cold food Display HTR160
    Special Price $689.00 +GST Regular Price $1,149.00 +GST
  11. -40%
    2NDs: Chest Freezer with SS lids - BD768F
    Special Price $1,043.00 +GST Regular Price $1,739.00 +GST
  12. -40%
    2NDs: Left Inlet Single Sink Dishwasher Bench - SBBD-7-1200L
    Special Price $1,028.00 +GST Regular Price $1,714.90 +GST
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Items 1-12 of 42

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