Factory Seconds Refrigeration

Everything is up to 40% OFF!

A range of ex-showroom second fridges, under bench bar coolers, and freezers in good quality are on Clearance now!

Our factory seconds fridges and freezers can work wonders for your restaurant, café or takeaway shop, on a budget. We sell a range of cheap and second-hand commercial kitchen equipment including high quality commercial fridges, coolers and freezers.

Some of these factory second commercial fridges only feature minor scuffs or missing packaging, saving you thousands in what would be spent on a brand-new unit. All of our fridges and freezers are perfect for any restaurant or café, and our factory seconds equipment is especially useful for those businesses on a budget.

All of our factory seconds fridges and freezers are of the best quality within the catering equipment business with a strong and durable build, interior features and a list of added functions.

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  1. -40%
    2NDs: GRAND ULTRA Double 1/2 S/S Door Upright Fridge - GN650TNM
    Regular Price $2,838.00 Special Price $1,702.80 $1,548.00
  2. -40%
    2NDs: GRAND Single Door Stainless Steel Fridge with Bottom Unit - GTR600S1
    Regular Price $2,984.19 Special Price $1,789.70 $1,627.00
  3. -40%
    2NDs: Single Door Upright Display Fridge - SUCG500
    Regular Price $3,630.00 Special Price $2,178.00 $1,980.00
  4. -40%
    2NDs: GRAND ULTRA Single Glass Door Upright Fridge - GN650TNG
    Regular Price $3,179.00 Special Price $1,907.40 $1,734.00
  5. -50%
    2NDs: Two Large Door Stainless Steel Workbench Freezer - LDWB180F
    Regular Price $4,167.90 Special Price $2,083.40 $1,894.00
  6. -50%
    2NDs: Single door Lowboy Fridge - LBF090
    Regular Price $2,948.00 Special Price $1,474.00 $1,340.00
  7. -40%
    2NDs: Bonvue Chilled Food Display SL830V
    Regular Price $5,203.00 Special Price $3,121.80 $2,838.00
  8. -40%
    2NDs: Three Door DELUXE Pizza Prep Bench - PZR150
    Regular Price $4,999.39 Special Price $2,999.63 $2,726.94
  9. -40%
    2NDs: Cold Salad & Noodle Bar 4x1/1 GN Pans - PG150FA-YG
    Regular Price $8,712.00 Special Price $5,227.20 $4,752.00
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