Cooking Equipment

Leading Catering Equipment has an extensive range of high-quality commercial cooking equipment used by many restaurants, cafés and food establishments across the Country. Our cooking equipment is built strong for long term use and cooks’ your food to perfection.

Leading’s cooking equipment is second to none in the industry. We source our appliances from the most renowned catering brands including Federal Hospitality Equipment, Primax, Gasmax, Frymax, Black Panther, Electmax and Fagor.

Our cooking equipment falls under two categories – gas and electric units and commercial ovens.

Leading’s gas and electric appliances includes state of the art wok burners for Chinese cooking and stir fry’s, easy to use gas stoves and stable electric stoves for simple cooking solutions, trusty kebab machines and slicers to cut meat portions to any desirable length for the best taste, nifty pasta cookers to create delicious, warm pasta, conveyor toasters to cook your bread crispy within minutes for your breakfast, powerful, heavy duty pizza ovens for your pizza stores and our very own fryer range, which includes our deep fryers, gas tube fryers and electric fryers – all brilliant choices for your fried foods, meats, veggies and sides.

If you’re seeking a flawless, versatile oven, then you’ve come to the right place! We stock multi-functional combi ovens which produce dry or moist heat – ideal for baking, steaming, grilling and poaching. We also sell convection ovens for dry heating your pastries and bread, steam units for utilising moisture with your cooking, commercial microwave ovens – perfect for fast heating within rush hour with only a single press of a button! Finally, our reliable conveyor ovens, which use a conveyor belt to move ingredients and food through a cooker and deliver your meals piping hot at the other end!

These commercial ovens and gas/electric units are heavy duty made with the toughest stainless-steel materials, so you know you’ll get unbeaten use of your cooker!

Our equipment comes with both natural gas and LPG options, with our gas units featuring flame failure devices for safety. You can also choose between free standing or bench top equipment, depending on the needs of your business and use within your kitchen.

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  1. -15%
    Benchstar Electric Griddle GH-820
    Regular Price $1,155.00 Special Price $981.20 $892.00
  2. -25%
    Fagor Kore 900 Series LPG Tilting Bratt Pans - SB-G910ILPG
    Regular Price $22,759.00 Special Price $17,068.70 $15,517.00
  3. -25%
    Fagor Kore 900 Series Natural Gas 4 Burner with Gas Oven - C-G941
    Regular Price $8,910.00 Special Price $6,682.50 $6,075.00
  4. -29%
    FM-PD90/135G Frymax Oil Filter Powder 90 × 135g Satchels
    Regular Price $341.00 Special Price $242.00 $220.00
  5. -25%
    Fagor Kore 700 Series Gas Pasta Cooker with 2 Baskets - CP-G7126
    Regular Price $9,348.90 Special Price $7,011.40 $6,374.00
  6. -25%
    Fagor Kore 700 Gas Pasta Cooker with 4 Baskets - CP-G7226
    Regular Price $15,508.90 Special Price $11,631.40 $10,574.00
  7. -25%
    Fagor 900 Series Electric Bain Marie BME9-05
    Regular Price $4,609.00 Special Price $3,456.20 $3,142.00
  8. -25%
    Fagor Kore 900 Series Electric 120L Bratt Pan - SB-E915IM
    Regular Price $25,548.60 Special Price $19,160.90 $17,419.00
  9. -25%
    Fagor 900 Series Electric Chrome 1 Zone Griddle FTE-C9-05L
    Regular Price $7,346.90 Special Price $5,509.90 $5,009.00
  10. -25%
    Fagor 900 Series Electric Chrome 2 Zone Griddle FTE-C9-10L
    Regular Price $9,898.90 Special Price $7,423.90 $6,749.00
  11. -25%
    Fagor Electric Condensing Hood for 061 and 101 IKORE Oven EXH-061-101
    Regular Price $9,093.70 Special Price $6,820.00 $6,200.00
  12. -15%
    ConvectMax Oven Stand YXD-APE-8-SN
    Regular Price $1,056.00 Special Price $897.60 $816.00
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