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Whether you’re operating a bakery, pizza shop, café or restaurant, cooking will always be an essential priority, and Leading Catering Equipment is currently stocking the best commercial ovens within the industry. Our ovens feature an array of models and a long list of functions.

Our ovens are shipped from many successful suppliers across the globe, each one focussed on bringing the latest and greatest in commercial kitchen equipment.

Our ovens are tailored to different establishments, so it’s important to be wise with your choice.

Conveyor ovens run on a conveyor belt system, this unit involves placing meals and side dishes on a conveyor belt and, through a timed cooking process, come out the other end ready to eat!

Commercial microwave ovens act the same way as your regular models but are much more suited to commercial kitchens and require only a simple press of a button for that quick cook!

Convection ovens will cook your food evenly with circulating air, while our combi steam ovens add huge quantities of ingredients and uncooked dishes to the interior. These heavy-duty units are generally built in larger models for your large-scale commercial kitchen serving numerous patrons at once, or for businesses, like bakeries, blowing up dough and bread for the next business day.

Pizzerias should consider Leading’s line up of heavy-duty pizza ovens and pizza deck ovens, which involve a cook and hold process, like our high-quality combi ovens. You can also find great restaurant equipment accessories to aid you when cooking with these flawless machines.

Our ovens are all made with strong stainless steel, so you know you’ll find long-term use with your new cooker. Each one contains various functions and sizing, with models differing in terms of free-standing or benchtop and single or double deck options.

This choice will all depend on your cooking needs and the popularity of your establishment.

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  1. -15%
    Electric Convection Oven - YXD-6A
    Special Price $1,699.00 +GST Regular Price $1,999.00 +GST
  2. -15%
    Convection oven - YXD-4A-B
    Special Price $1,019.00 +GST Regular Price $1,199.00 +GST
  3. -15%
    Special Price $5,763.00 +GST Regular Price $6,780.00 +GST
  4. -15%
    Digital Convection Oven 5 Memories - YSD-8AD
    Special Price $2,226.00 +GST Regular Price $2,619.00 +GST
  5. -15%
    Digital Convection Oven 5 Memories - YSD-4AD
    Special Price $1,614.00 +GST Regular Price $1,899.00 +GST
  6. -15%
    WR-10-11-PJ Combimax Oven Stand
    Special Price $918.00 +GST Regular Price $1,080.00 +GST
  7. -15%
    Prometek Icarus Digital Combi oven 600x400 mm or GN 1/1 - TD-7NE
    Special Price $4,657.00 +GST Regular Price $5,479.00 +GST
  8. -15%
    Prometek Icarus Nerone Combi oven 6 tray 3 phase 7.65kw - TD-6NE
    Special Price $4,189.00 +GST Regular Price $4,929.00 +GST
  9. -15%
    Special Price $1,121.00 +GST Regular Price $1,319.00 +GST
  10. -15%
    Prometek Icarus Digital Combi oven 600x400 mm or GN 1/1 TD-10NE
    Special Price $5,592.00 +GST Regular Price $6,579.00 +GST
  11. -15%
    Stand for Fagor 6 trays combi oven - SH-061
    Special Price $1,020.00 +GST Regular Price $1,200.00 +GST
  12. -15%
    Gas Top Burners with Electric Convection Oven - RB4-TD3NE
    Special Price $3,552.00 +GST Regular Price $4,179.00 +GST
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