At Leading Catering Equipment our commercial cookware is second to none! Our equipment crafts the perfect tastes, aromas and blends in restaurants across the Country, creating the perfect cooking result.

Our cookware units are essential kitchen equipment pieces for your establishment from cooking and frying to steaming and boiling – our products can do it all. We stock everything you’ll need including pots, pans, pizza plates, frying baskets, lids, scrapers, brushes, wooden spoons, bowls, tongs, graters and whisks – all at exceptionally competitive prices! Our stock comes supplied from catering equipment giants like Tomkin and FED.

Leading’s perfected cookware is made from high quality stainless steel and aluminium components, meaning that your appliances and units are bound to last for the long run!

Our cookware is the answer to craft the best food within your commercial catering establishment.

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  1. Quality Level 4 S/S Saucepans

    Starting at $31.79 $28.90

  2. Quality Level 3 S/S Stewpan

    Starting at $23.38 $21.25

  3. Quality Level 5 S/S Stockpot

    Starting at $176.00 $160.00

  4. S/S Lids

    Starting at $10.29 $9.35

  5. -15%
    CKN6524DJB 24DIAx4.1H
    Regular Price $31.90 Special Price $27.12 $24.65
  6. -15%
    CKN6528DJB 28DIAx4.8H
    Regular Price $42.90 Special Price $36.47 $33.15
  7. -15%
    CKN6528H 28DIAx7.7H
    Regular Price $49.50 Special Price $42.08 $38.25
  8. -15%
    CKN6530DJB 30DIAx5.0H
    Regular Price $52.80 Special Price $44.88 $40.80
  9. -15%
    CKN6532DJB 32DIAx5.0H
    Regular Price $52.80 Special Price $44.88 $40.80
  10. -15%
    CKN6536DJB 36DIAx5.3H
    Regular Price $52.80 Special Price $44.88 $40.80
  11. -15%
    Level 5 Stewpan FDAG432 10L 320DIAx120H
    Regular Price $102.30 Special Price $86.96 $79.05
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