Through-out the Commercial Food Industry hoods are crucial for ensuring safe and healthy functioning of the environment. It is important to have the correct ventilation solution to match your kitchen as without it the kitchen would be covered in grease and bacteria, staff could become ill and customers put off by smoke and vapours.

Leading Catering Equipment’s Commercial hoods will capture and contain cooking vapours and smoke, filter harmful pollutants and improve indoor air quality. Our hoods are all stainless steel and come in free standing or overhead mounted modular design that require external extraction and ducting.

Our free-standing hoods don’t need ducting, have built-in fluorescent lighting over the work area, mount easily to benchtops, have a three stage filtering system and powerful ËBM-Pabst 4-speed fans.

Leading also carry extraction and condensation hoods for our large range of ovens.

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  1. -15%
    CFE-11C Extraction and condensation hood for Prof Line
    Special Price $4,318.60 $3,926.00 Regular Price $5,080.90
  2. -15%
    KPY9/18 Pyralis Circle Hood
    Special Price $2,916.10 $2,651.00 Regular Price $3,430.90
  3. -15%
    HOOD750A Bench Top Filtered Hood - 750mm
    Special Price $2,691.70 $2,447.00 Regular Price $3,166.90
  4. -15%
    HOOD1000A Bench Top Filtered Hood - 1000mm
    Special Price $3,730.10 $3,391.00 Regular Price $4,389.00
  5. -15%
    HOOD1200A Bench Top Filtered Hood - 1200mm
    Special Price $4,290.00 $3,900.00 Regular Price $5,047.90
  6. -15%
    HOOD1500A Bench Top Filtered Hood - 1500mm
    Special Price $4,973.10 $4,521.00 Regular Price $5,850.90
  7. -15%
    CHOOD1200 - Canopy range hood
    Special Price $1,093.40 $994.00 Regular Price $1,287.00
  8. -15%
    Stainless Steel Hood with Motor and Speed Regulator- KT4-44MS
    Special Price $1,290.30 $1,173.00 Regular Price $1,518.00
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