Commercial dishwasher makes keeping clean dishes stocked in your commercial kitchen a breeze at all times. Our pass-through dishwashers are ideal for quick and easy cleaning while also maximizing kitchen productivity. Stainless steel construction is rust-proof and looks sleek in any kitchen space. For those looking to save space, our compact under bench dishwashers and glass washers are an ideal solution. These dishwashers can clean and sanitise a large number of plates, glasses, and other dishes in a short period of time, allowing you to ensure proper hygiene at your restaurant, catering company, or other food-related business.

Everyone in the food service industry needs a commercial Dishwasher / Warewasher and everyone knows time is money. It doesn’t matter if you run a Restaurant, Café, Cafeteria, Bar or Catering business.

Leading has the solution with front or pass-through door type, under-counter, glasswashers, or conveyor warewashers that will save you huge amounts of time while reducing labor costs, enabling you to meet the demands of your commercial kitchen.

Whether high volume or low volume, dinnerware, pots and pans, utensils, cutlery, glassware, and stemware, Leading Catering Equipment have got you covered to keep your kitchen running as efficiently as possible


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  1. -15%
    Scots Ice Undercounter Glass Washer GS 40T
    Regular Price $4,972.00 Special Price $4,226.20 $3,842.00
  2. -15%
    Scots Ice Undercounter Dish Washer GS 50T
    Regular Price $6,325.00 Special Price $5,376.25 $4,887.50
  3. -15%
    Scots Ice Undercounter Glass, Dish & Cutlery Washer OPTIMA 400
    Regular Price $7,612.00 Special Price $6,470.20 $5,882.00
  4. -15%
    Scots Ice Undercounter Glass, Dish & Cutlery Washer OPTIMA 500
    Regular Price $8,272.00 Special Price $7,031.20 $6,392.00
  5. -25%
    Fagor EVO-CONCEPT undercounter dishwasher with drain pump CO-502BDD
    Regular Price $7,249.00 Special Price $5,436.75 $4,942.50
  6. -25%
    EVO-CONCEPT Pass-through Dishwasher - CO-142HRSBDD
    Regular Price $14,509.00 Special Price $10,881.75 $9,892.50
  7. -6%
    Fagor EVO-ADVANCE pass-through dishwasher with drain pump AD-125HRS
    Regular Price $13,189.00 Special Price $12,373.90 $11,249.00
  8. -15%
    Axwood Underbench Glasswasher
    Regular Price $3,553.00 Special Price $3,020.05 $2,745.50
  9. -15%
    Axwood Underbench Dishwasher
    Regular Price $4,730.00 Special Price $4,020.50 $3,655.00
  10. -25%
    Axwood Passthrough Dishwasher 3 phase - PTD-601D
    Regular Price $7,128.00 Special Price $5,346.00 $4,860.00
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