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The essentials for your dining area, Leading Catering Equipment presents the finest range of crockery currently available on the market. Our refined, high quality crockery includes first-class dinner plates, designed plates, bowls, cutlery, kitchen utensils, tongs, cutters, tableware and glassware.

These valued products are sourced from FED, Tomkin and Kingo, three prime commercial catering equipment establishments who have gone on to supply restaurants and cafes across the country.

Our collection packs a stylish look with a beautiful design that is sure to leave a prestigious mark within your dining area. This range can suit any type of establishment from modern restaurants and cafes to buffets and even traditional table settings.

We take care and precision in supplying the greatest crockery using only quality materials. You can also use our items with the other superb equipment we have on offer including Leading’s powerful food displays, steel drawers and work benches.

We supply the perfect dinnerware for your dining space. Our professional range meets industry standards and presents a lasting impression of style and class.