Factory 2NDs Equipment- Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Sale

Our used commercial kitchen equipment can work wonders for that restaurant or café on a budget. Any of Leading’s powerfully built, factory seconds equipment will prove to be just as useful as any other brand-new product that hits our stores.

From only minor scruffs to missing packaging, our used equipment is your next best option to buy the exact same product at a heavily reduced and special price. Why waste budget money on something brand new when you buy the exact same and save your costs.

Our cheap commercial kitchen equipment and discounted range includes factory second commercial fridges, microwave ovens, coolers, stainless steel products, coffee machines, cutters, basins, power units, deli displays, freezers and hand equipment - any which would be a valued asset to your business and easily prove its use.

Our entire factory seconds equipment is operational and constructed with quality materials and assurance from the best brands within the industry. These units are tested and ensured to run effectively within your business.

Our clearance products are just as efficient as any other new product that hits our stores, but now you get the best price possible!

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  1. -42%
    Ex Showroom stock: LUUS GTS-6 600mm Griddle Toaster (Professional Range)
    Regular Price $7,009.20 Special Price $4,054.60 $3,686.00
  2. -36%
    LG-370GE Single Glass Door Colourbond Upright Drink Fridge
    Regular Price $1,969.00 Special Price $1,255.24 $1,141.13
  3. -36%
  4. -40%
    LC208S Under Bench Two Sliding Door Bar Cooler
    Regular Price $1,283.33 Special Price $770.00 $700.00
  5. -50%
    Ex Showroom stock: Handheld vacuum sealer combo
    Regular Price $130.90 Special Price $65.45 $59.50
  6. -50%
    Ex Showroom stock: 99011 Stainless Steel Punch Bowl 18 Litre
    Regular Price $208.45 Special Price $104.23 $94.75
  7. -50%
    Ex Showroom stock: GH-820 MAX~ELECTRIC Griddle
    Regular Price $1,155.00 Special Price $577.50 $525.00
  8. -50%
    Ex Showroom stock: Electric waffle Maker - UWB-H
    Regular Price $1,197.90 Special Price $598.95 $544.50
  9. -50%
    Ex Showroom stock: JW-DC84 Plate Rack
    Regular Price $1,329.90 Special Price $664.95 $604.50
  10. -40%
    2NDs: Bain Marie - JUS-TY-1
    Regular Price $1,802.90 Special Price $1,081.30 $983.00
  11. -50%
    Ex Showroom stock: LBC090 Two drawer Lowboy Fridge
    Regular Price $3,465.00 Special Price $1,732.50 $1,575.00
  12. -30%
    Ex-Showroom: Round Soup Station - AT51383
    Regular Price $269.39 Special Price $188.10 $171.00
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Items 1-12 of 56

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