Factory Seconds Food Displays

Our factory seconds food displays can work wonders for your restaurant, café or takeaway shop. We sell a range of good quality factory second cake display, hot food displays and display fridges, all on clearance.

Our food display units are designed for the highest reliability and practical use within any commercial restaurant, store or café. Our factory seconds units are especially ideal for those businesses looking for displays on a budget or for those trying to save thousands for the same unit.

From only minor scruffs to missing packaging, our factory seconds food displays are your next best option with a highly discounted price tag attached.

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  1. -40%
    2NDs: Single Door Upright Display Fridge - SUCG500
    Regular Price $3,023.90 Special Price $1,813.90 $1,649.00
  2. -40%
    2NDs: GRAND ULTRA Single Glass Door Upright Fridge - GN650TNG
    Regular Price $3,179.00 Special Price $1,907.40 $1,734.00
  3. -40%
    2NDs: Bonvue Chilled Food Display SL830V
    Regular Price $4,475.90 Special Price $2,685.10 $2,441.00
  4. -40%
    2NDs: Cold Salad & Noodle Bar 4x1/1 GN Pans - PG150FA-YG
    Regular Price $7,920.00 Special Price $4,752.00 $4,320.00
  5. -40%
    2NDs: Bonvue Heated Food Display - SG120FE-2XB
    Regular Price $4,180.00 Special Price $2,508.00 $2,280.00
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