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Furniture has been a defining part of any restaurant, café, pub, bar or takeaway store when it comes to dining. Commercial catering furniture, at its core, involves your basics like chairs, tables and lounges to set up your dining space. It can also define the look and style of your establishment and set it apart from other competitors.

Commercial furniture has long formed the building blocks for any hospitality business wishing to provide a satisfying dining experience for their patrons.

Leading Catering Equipment’s restaurant and café furniture is built, maintained and designed for absolute comfort and mobility, with eye catching designs and styles to accentuate your dining spaces and provide the most gratifying visual and practical experiences possible.

We stock designer chairs, bar stools, tables, table bases, tabletops, lounges and seat covers. Each of our pieces and units are comprised of different materials and paved with a range of shapes and colours. This is so that every business can be accommodated, whether you’re seeking indoor or outdoor furniture, designer or general styles, certain colours, a specific décor, or simply a basic chair and table combo for sitting and placing down meals.

40% OFF Everything! See what we can offer you by browsing online or seeing us in person. Our vast span of furniture can create a sublime look for your cafe, restaurant, bistro, pub and hotel, giving your interior space a vibrant appeal and an enjoyable dining experience for your customers.

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  1. -58%
    SL34-635D Lounge Double RedBack 1200x1100x1100
    Regular Price $1,637.90 Special Price $685.30 $623.00
  2. -58%
    SL-040S12 Lounge Single Beige and Wood 1200x600x1100
    Regular Price $1,384.90 Special Price $579.70 $527.00
  3. -58%
    SL34-635S Lounge Single RedBack 1200x600x1100
    Regular Price $1,098.90 Special Price $460.90 $419.00
  4. -58%
    SL-040D Lounge Double Beige and Wood 1100x1100x1100
    Regular Price $2,572.90 Special Price $1,081.30 $983.00
  5. -58%
    SL30-628D Lounge Double Light Brown 1200x1000x1100
    Regular Price $2,044.90 Special Price $856.90 $779.00
  6. -58%
    BLH-S88DW Square 800 Table Top - Dark Walnut
    Regular Price $207.90 Special Price $88.00 $80.00
  7. -59%
    BLH-R70W Round 700 Laminate Table Top - White
    Regular Price $85.69 Special Price $35.20 $32.00
  8. -58%
    SL-S77SW 700x700 Solid Wood Table Top
    Regular Price $350.90 Special Price $148.50 $135.00
  9. -58%
    SL-R80SW Round 800 Solid Wood Table Top
    Regular Price $471.90 Special Price $199.10 $181.00
  10. -58%
    SL-R70SW Round 700 Solid Wood Table Top
    Regular Price $350.90 Special Price $148.50 $135.00
  11. -58%
    N6007 Antique Gold Chassis Table Base 720H
    Regular Price $416.90 Special Price $177.10 $161.00
  12. -58%
    N6019 Table base S/S core HDC base with black rim round 450mm
    Regular Price $416.90 Special Price $177.10 $161.00
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