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Slicers & Cutters

Need a big quantity of bread in the shortest amount of time possible? We have you covered with our huge range of efficient and effectively manufactured commercial bread slicers.

Our bread slicer machines are a must have for any bakery or commercial restaurant looking for that competitive edge and ease when it comes to bread slicing and serving multiple customers.

Electric bread slicers and bread cutter machines, in general terms, save you time. Instead of painfully cutting up loaves manually these machines complete the process for you. Our slicers also provide easy to use controls and can be easily managed and operated by kitchen staff.

At Leading Catering, our bread slicer units are made from heavy duty materials with spare parts and accessories also available to customers who misplace certain components.

We stock cutters for bread slicers and bread slicers without blades – so you can select the different parts straight from the ground up and work with the most productive and reliable bread cutting machine specifically made for your kitchen and business.

Our slicers make cutting up loaves quick, easy and simple – saving you precious time during that morning rush.

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  1. -15%
    Crimping Slicing Blade - WA005
    Special Price $56.00 +GST Regular Price $66.00 +GST
  2. -15%
    Dito Sama Vegetable slicer single phase single speed 500w - TRS-500
    Special Price $2,286.00 +GST Regular Price $2,690.00 +GST
  3. -15%
    Dito Sama Combined cutter and vegetable slicer - 7 LT - VARIABLE SPEED - TRK70
    Special Price $6,706.00 +GST Regular Price $7,890.00 +GST
  4. -15%
  5. -15%
    Dito Sama Combined cutter and vegetable slicer - 4.5 LT - VARIABLE SPEED - TRK45
    Special Price $4,403.00 +GST Regular Price $5,180.00 +GST
  6. -15%
    Slicer (Aluminium, Semi Circular) 10mm Single Blade - SS010
    Special Price $67.00 +GST Regular Price $79.00 +GST
  7. -15%
    Slicer (Aluminium, semi circular) 4mm Single Blade - SS004
    Special Price $67.00 +GST Regular Price $79.00 +GST
  8. -15%
    Slicer (Aluminium, semi circular) 2mm Single Blade - SS002
    Special Price $67.00 +GST Regular Price $79.00 +GST
  9. -16%
    Slicers (Aluminium) 14mm Single blade - SA014
    Special Price $64.00 +GST Regular Price $76.00 +GST
  10. -15%
    Dito Sama Vegetable slicer multigreen vegetable cutter - Multigreen
    Special Price $1,827.00 +GST Regular Price $2,150.00 +GST
  11. -15%
    Dito Sama Vegetable slicer single speed 250w - Minigreen
    Special Price $1,487.00 +GST Regular Price $1,750.00 +GST
  12. -15%
    Electric kebab slicer, 100mm disc knife - KS100E
    Special Price $356.00 +GST Regular Price $419.00 +GST
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Items 1-12 of 73

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