Gas & Electric Cooking Equipment

Leading Catering Equipment stocks a huge collection of appliances and units within our gas and electric cooking equipment range. This range includes top-end wok burners, gas and electric stoves, kebab machines and slicers, ovens, deep fryers and other accessories like open burners and boiling pans.

Our commercial gas and electric cooking equipment can be found within many restaurants, cafes and commercial kitchens across Australia. This equipment is sourced from some of the most successful catering equipment brands including Gasmax, Frymax, FED, Electmax and Fagor.

You can choose from many different models, sizes and further options when it comes to our gas and electric units. You can choose a natural gas, LPG gas or an electric powered workhorse, open or solid top unit, benchtop or free-standing machine. The possibilities are endless at Leading Catering Equipment, it will all depend on the needs of your business and your kitchen.

Our equipment is bound to cook your dishes to perfection with the most innovative components and sturdy construction from heavy-duty materials.

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  1. -15%
    JUS-DM-2 Benchtop Pasta Cooker
    Special Price $1,657.00 +GST Regular Price $1,950.00 +GST
  2. -15%
    JUS400 S/S stand for JUS-DM-2 and JUS-TY-1
    Special Price $424.00 +GST Regular Price $499.00 +GST
  3. -15%
    JZH-RH Natural Gas Char Grill on Cabinet
    Special Price $3,332.00 +GST Regular Price $3,920.00 +GST
  4. -15%
    JZH-TRH - Nature Gas Char Grill top
    Special Price $2,762.00 +GST Regular Price $3,250.00 +GST
  5. -15%
    JZH-TRG(P) - Griddle top
    Special Price $2,464.00 +GST Regular Price $2,899.50 +GST
  6. -15%
    900 Series LPG Pasta Cooker - CP-G905LPG
    Special Price $6,545.00 +GST Regular Price $7,700.00 +GST
  7. -25%
    Fagor 900 Series Pasta Cooker - CP-G905
    Special Price $5,775.00 +GST Regular Price $7,700.00 +GST
  8. -15%
    Special Price $1,860.00 +GST Regular Price $2,189.00 +GST
  9. -15%
    RG-2-MS Additional Meat Rod Assembly Suit RG-2
    Special Price $84.15 +GST Regular Price $99.00 +GST
  10. -15%
    EB-600 Electric Compact Salamander
    Special Price $1,580.00 +GST Regular Price $1,859.00 +GST
  11. -15%
    WW-2L Stainless Steel Waterless LPG Gas Double Wok
    Special Price $4,249.00 +GST Regular Price $4,999.00 +GST
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Items 1-12 of 278

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