Leading Catering Equipment’s range of beverage and drink equipment ranks second to none. Our beverage dispensers are ideal for storing and producing a wide range of cold drinks and liquid-based foods including beer, juice, yogurt, milk shakes, slushy’s and water.

Our drink and juice dispensers are specially made for bars, clubs and restaurants, where beverages are popular, and most commonly bought and sold within a glass or cup.

You can view our huge variety of efficient dispensers and choose the best one suited to your establishment. If you’re a dessert shop or takeaway store, then you may want to consider our premium granita slushy machines or ice cream dispensers. If you’re a café or restaurant, you could find use with our commercial cold press orange juicers, juicer machines or our other regular dispensers for other types of drinks. Bars and clubs can find plenty of use within any dispenser sold at Leading Catering Equipment.

Most of our dispensers are constructed with a strong stainless-steel frame and heavy-duty components, with many coming in single, double and triple container options (depending on the size of your establishment). Our units are easy dispensing products, able to produce your drink or meal within a matter of seconds, coupled with a powerful heavy-duty motor and mixing capabilities for top-of-the-line efficiency

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  1. -40%
    KGB10401 Juice Dispenser
    Regular Price $229.90 Special Price $137.94 $125.40
  2. -40%
    KGC10401-1 Juice Dispenser
    Regular Price $240.90 Special Price $144.54 $131.40
  3. -40%
    KGC12404G Polygonal Juice Dispenser 6L
    Regular Price $262.90 Special Price $157.74 $143.40
  4. -40%
    KGC12403-2 Juice Dispenser 6L / Double
    Regular Price $526.90 Special Price $316.14 $287.40
  5. -15%
    Single Bowl Juice Dispenser - KF12L-1
    Regular Price $1,098.90 Special Price $934.07 $849.15
  6. -15%
    Double Bowl Juice Dispenser - KF12L-2
    Regular Price $1,428.90 Special Price $1,214.57 $1,104.15
  7. -15%
    Triple Bowl Juice Dispenser - KF12L-3
    Regular Price $1,758.90 Special Price $1,495.07 $1,359.15
  8. -15%
    Soft ice cream machine double bowl -Double x 8 Litre - ICE8L-2
    Regular Price $4,574.90 Special Price $3,888.67 $3,535.15
  9. -15%
    One Way Beer Tower with tap, led PVD - BTG-1W
    Regular Price $482.90 Special Price $410.30 $373.00
  10. -15%
    Two Way Beer Tower with tap, led PVD - BTG-2W
    Regular Price $658.90 Special Price $559.90 $509.00
  11. -15%
    One Way Beer Tower with tap, led chrome plated - BTS-1W
    Regular Price $438.90 Special Price $372.90 $339.00
  12. -15%
    FABIGANI-1S Single 12 Litre Granita Slushy Machine
    Regular Price $3,388.00 Special Price $2,879.80 $2,618.00
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