Benchtop Fryers

A benchtop fryer is your ideal catering equipment piece to fry up tasty foods like fish, chicken and doughnuts. At Leading Catering Equipment, we stock several gas and electric fryers, perfectly manufactured to be highly practical within an assortment of commercial kitchens.

Our commercial fryers are heavy duty and built to last a lifetime with their durable stainless-steel components. In comparison to free standing versions, these benchtop fryers are portable and compact, meaning that they can easily be moved around the workplace and fit neatly on any of the stainless-steel benches you use, which frees up precious space to make room for other appliances.

Leading Catering Equipment’s benchtop fryers and commercial electric deep fryers all come in a variety of shapes and sizes with single tank and twin tank units available, as well as changeable baskets.

The benchtop fryers we have for sale come to us from some of the major oven and cooktop brands including Electmax and Frymax.

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  1. -15%
    Single tank induction fryer - IF3500S
    Regular Price $658.90 Special Price $560.07 $509.15
  2. -15%
    EF-TE Benchtop Electric Doughnut Fryer
    Regular Price $902.00 Special Price $766.70 $697.00
  3. -15%
    JUS-TEF-2 Electric Fryer
    Regular Price $5,014.90 Special Price $4,262.67 $3,875.15
  4. -15%
    DH-310E S/S Chip Warmer
    Regular Price $482.90 Special Price $410.47 $373.15
  5. -15%
    FM-PD50/250G Frymax Oil Filter Powder 50 × 250g Satchels
    Regular Price $341.00 Special Price $289.85 $263.50
  6. -15%
    FM-FPS100/20 100 × Frymax Filter Papers suit LG-20
    Regular Price $152.90 Special Price $129.97 $118.15
  7. -15%
    FM-PFC50 50 × 10" Frymax Filter Paper cones
    Regular Price $38.50 Special Price $32.73 $29.75
  8. -15%
    FM-CF 10" Conical Cooking Oil Filter Holder
    Regular Price $24.20 Special Price $20.57 $18.70
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