Workbenches - with Drawers

Combing your work with a stylish storage option has never been easier with our commercial kitchen benches with drawers. These units are a fantastic, practical solution for any restaurant, café or business desiring a unit that provides quick access to stock, a formal look and an essential place for working.

These benches are part of our exclusive premium range, which only includes select benches that are well-built, durable and the cream of the crop in terms of quality. We also stock commercial kitchen benches with sinks within this collection, or you can combine both options and select a stainless-steel sink bench with included drawers to garner even further usage from your purchase.

Leading Catering Equipment’s commercial kitchen stainless steel benches are all serviced and maintained to the best standards to provide flawless use for business owners. Our benches are heavy duty made, easy to clean, mobile and built with pure stainless steel for protection with shelves, castors for movement, an undershelf and cabinets with doors as alternate storage options.

Our workbenches with drawers are one of our most popular commercial catering equipment products on offer due to the convenience of a quick access storage option. Ensure your bench fits well by checking the length, width and sizing to your desired model.

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  1. -15%
    MDS-6-700 Mobile Work Stand with 3 Drawers
    Special Price $1,214.40 $1,104.00 Regular Price $1,428.90
  2. -15%
    MS116 Mobile cabinet with 4 Drawers and 3 Shelves
    Special Price $2,008.60 $1,826.00 Regular Price $2,363.90
  3. -15%
    SKTD-1200 Kitchen Tidy Cabinet Work Bench with Doors & 3 Drawers
    Special Price $2,139.50 $1,945.00 Regular Price $2,517.90
  4. -15%
    SKTD-1500 Bench cabinet with drawers
    Special Price $2,270.40 $2,064.00 Regular Price $2,671.90
  5. -15%
    SWBD-7-1500 Work bench with 3 Drawers and Undershelf
    Special Price $1,102.20 $1,002.00 Regular Price $1,296.90
  6. -15%
    Work bench with 1 drawer and undershelf - SWBD7-1
    Special Price $1,073.60 $976.00 Regular Price $1,263.90
  7. -15%
    Work bench with 2 drawers and undershelf - SWBD7-2
    Special Price $1,289.20 $1,172.00 Regular Price $1,516.90
  8. -15%
    Work Bench with 1 Drawer and Under Shelf - SWBD8-1
    Special Price $1,073.60 $976.00 Regular Price $1,263.90
  9. -15%
    Work Bench with 2 Drawers and Under Shelf - SWBD8-2
    Special Price $1,345.30 $1,223.00 Regular Price $1,582.90
  10. -15%
    Work Bench with 3 Drawers and Under Shelf - SWBD8-3
    Special Price $1,607.10 $1,461.00 Regular Price $1,890.90
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Items 1-11 of 22

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