Chest Freezer

When it comes to commercial freezers, you can't go wrong with a large chest freezer for your restaurant, bar, or another food establishment. The chest freezers found at Leading Catering provide the ideal temperature control and size to suit your company's needs. Ideal for storing anything from meats and veggies to packaged foods and even bags of ice, our freezers are a great solution to all your commercial refrigeration and temperature control needs. Whether you need a freezer with solid, stainless steel lids or would prefer transparent glass lids, we have several options for you to choose from here.

Commercial chest freezers are unmatchable in terms of convenience, efficiency, capacity, and durability, and are great storage freezers for anyone in the catering industry. Whether you own a small catering company or a large restaurant Leading Catering Equipment will be able to advise on the best possible unit for you.

Chest Freezer with Stainless Steel Lids

Stainless steel lid chest freezers are hygienic and designed to stand the test of time. They are ideal as an additional food preparation surface at peak service times.

Flat Glass Top Display Chest Freezer

Back to the shop, the convenient see-through glass sliding lids are perfect for busy areas where time is critical.

Front of the shop, for display they showcase products in a neat, organised fashion.

Curved Glass Top Display Chest Freezers

These are a more impressive display especially near the point of sale for impulse items.

Island Freezers

Providing the ultimate display cases for use in supermarkets, large or smaller stores.

These freezers allow customers to browse and easily choose. Leading Catering Equipment has a choice of sizes that will suit any business.

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  1. -15%
    BD466F-BASKET Basket for BD466F Chest Freezer
    Special Price $27.12 $24.65 Regular Price $31.90
  2. -15%
    BD598F-BASKET Basket for BD598F Chest Freezer
    Special Price $27.12 $24.65 Regular Price $31.90
  3. -15%
    BD768F-BASKET Basket for BD768F Chest Freezer
    Special Price $36.47 $33.15 Regular Price $42.90
  4. -15%
    SD-450S Gelato Display
    Special Price $2,046.00 $1,860.00 Regular Price $2,407.90
  5. -15%
    Two glass sliding lids chest freezer with castors - ST445
    Special Price $1,438.80 $1,308.00 Regular Price $1,692.90
  6. -15%
    Two glass sliding lids chest freezer with castors - ST545
    Special Price $1,933.80 $1,758.00 Regular Price $2,275.90
  7. -15%
    BD466F Chest Freezer with SS lid
    Special Price $1,205.60 $1,096.00 Regular Price $1,419.00
  8. -15%
    BD598F Chest Freezer With SS Lids
    Special Price $1,523.50 $1,385.00 Regular Price $1,793.00
  9. -15%
    Chest Freezer with SS lids - BD768F
    Special Price $1,868.90 $1,699.00 Regular Price $2,198.90
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