Hoshizaki Sushi Cabinet - 72L HNC-180BE-R-BLH

Hoshizaki Sushi Cabinet - 72L HNC-180BE-R-BLH

Hoshizaki Sushi Cabinet - 42L HNC-120BE-R-BLH

The Hoshizaki HNC-120BE-R-BLH is a right-sided Sushi display case equipped with LED lighting. Within our lineup of refrigerated display cases, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge features with a contemporary and sophisticated design, all meticulously configured to enhance and preserve the freshness of even the most delicate fish varieties.

This product range is purposefully designed to consistently maintain the most authentic humidity levels and ensure food-safe temperatures, even during peak service times with frequent door openings. Hoshizaki’s refrigerated showcases guarantee the most natural humidity levels and food-safe temperatures throughout their entire operational period of the refrigeration system.


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Airflow: The refrigeration-driven airflow from the evaporator is gentle and diffused, avoiding forced air circulation to prevent dehydration and weight loss, preserving the quality of displayed perishables.

Temperature Control: Flipping the tray upside down offers a simple solution for quick temperature control, reducing contact with the cold tray and enhancing exposure to the internal air, while an in-cabinet thermometer ensures constant temperature monitoring.

Attractive Display: The tubular-shaped evaporator consistently absorbs heat, freezing condensation externally to maintain an appealing frost layer without drips, complemented by adjustable LED lighting for versatile illumination.

Convenience: A practical anti-slip top provides a suitable surface for serving dishes, and the condensing unit’s placement on either side directs air outflow away from the operator.

Easy Cleaning: The sliding door’s height of 150 mm and the lightweight ABS trays with wave-shaped profiles enable effortless disassembly and removal for daily cleaning.

Interior Clear Glass, ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel
Exterior Clear Glass, ABS Plastic, PVC Plastic
Effective Capacity 42L
Saturation Temperature Approx 5 °C (Ambient temp 30°C, no load)
Power Cord 2.4m
Outside Dimensions
Outside Dimensions
Outside Dimensions
Inside Dimensions
Inside Dimensions
Inside Dimensions
Weight Net 32kg
Packed Weight 44kg
Cooling Air
AC Supply Voltage 1 PHASE 220-240V 50Hz/ 10Amp Plug
Amperage Rated: 1.0A Starting: 6A
Refrigerant R600a / 32g
Operating Conditions Ambient Temp.: 10 – 30°C
Voltage Range: Rated Voltage ±6%
More Information
Net Weight (Kg) 32
Width (mm) 1200
Depth (mm) 345
Height (mm) 270
Packing Width (mm) 415
Packing Depth (mm) 1280
Packing Height (mm) 517
Power 1 PHASE 220-240V 50Hz/ 10Amp Plug"
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