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  1. Tecnodom Self Serve Display - TDEVO-120S

    Special Price $8,822.15 Regular Price $10,379.00
  2. Thermaster Supermarket Combined Freezer - ZCD-TD125

    Special Price $6,791.50 Regular Price $7,990.00
  3. Thermaster Supermarket Combined Freezer - ZCD-TD145

    Special Price $8,406.50 Regular Price $9,890.00
  4. Thermaster Supermarket Combined Freezer - ZCD-TD210

    Special Price $10,191.50 Regular Price $11,990.00
  5. Thermaster Promotional Cabinet 1370x1080x935mm - STP1310

    Special Price $4,912.15 Regular Price $5,779.00
  6. HTS1500 Refrigerated Open Display -41%
    Out of stock

    Thermaster Refrigerated Open Display - HTS1500

    Special Price $4,930.00 Regular Price $8,289.00
  7. Tecnodom Open Chiller with 4 Shelves - TDVC60-CA-100

    Special Price $8,415.00 Regular Price $9,900.00
  8. Tecnodom Open Chiller with 4 Shelves - TDVC80-CA-100

    Special Price $8,882.50 Regular Price $10,450.00
  9. Tecnodom Open Chiller with 4 Shelves - TDVC60-CA-150

    Special Price $10,098.00 Regular Price $11,880.00

Items 1-12 of 15

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Display refrigeration is key in storing, cooling and presenting your food and beverages for your customers. At Leading Catering Equipment, we sell some of the highest quality open display refrigerators and freezers on the market.   

Our open display fridges are sourced from the top brands within the catering equipment industry. They are the unmatched choice for commercial cafes, bakeries, butchers, pizzerias, fast food joints and takeaway shops that require stock storage, food cooling/refreshment, a store front unit for customer viewing and quick stock access and navigation to both staff and customers. Our open display freezers, by contrast, are suited to restaurants and supermarkets seeking a heavy-duty unit to store and freeze their food and ingredients for later use.

Open display refrigerators and open displays cases keep your meals fresh and are made to handle light meals such as sandwiches, pastries and cakes.

You can choose from a huge range of the finest open deck fridges and display units on the market with each one varying in size, capacity, internal functions and price.

Whatever you choose you can take comfort knowing that our fridges and freezers are tough, insulated, reliable, and practical.