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  1. Single Leg for Economic Workbench - AELEG

    Special Price $20.40 Regular Price $24.00
  2. LB6 Leg Brace

    Starting at $102.00
  3. LB7 Leg Brace

    Starting at $102.00
  4. SUS6 Solid Undershelf

    Starting at $119.00
  5. SUS7 Solid Undershelf

    Starting at $161.00
  6. PRU6 Pot Rack Undershelf

    Starting at $144.00
  7. PRU7 Pot Rack Undershelf

    Starting at $170.00
  8. SSLEG/4 Leg Kit for F.E.D. benches

    Special Price $110.00 Regular Price $130.00
  9. Optional door assembly JUS400-Door for JUS400

    Special Price $98.00 Regular Price $116.00
  10. Optional doors assembly JUS600-Door for JUS600

    Special Price $118.00 Regular Price $139.00

12 Items

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Adding undershelves to the modular units in your commercial kitchen is a great way to maximise storage space without having to take up more floor space with new units in the process. Consider adding undershelves to an existing stainless steel modular unit for pot, pan, and storage of other kitchen necessities. With our large selection of solid and slotted undershelves here at Leading Catering, you'll be sure to find the right storage solution for your kitchen space and existing equipment. Made with sturdy stainless steel construction, these quality shelves will also stand up to the test of time.