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  1. Thermaster Dual Zone Two Door Premium Wine Cooler WB-218B -15%
    Out of stock

    Thermaster Dual Zone Two Door Premium Wine Cooler WB-218B

    Special Price $2,974.15 Regular Price $3,499.00
  2. Thermaster Single Zone 490L Premium Wine Cooler WB-194B -15%
    Out of stock

    Thermaster Single Zone 490L Premium Wine Cooler WB-194B

    Special Price $2,124.15 Regular Price $2,499.00
  3. Thermaster Underbench 65L Wine Cooler WB-24H

    Special Price $459.00 Regular Price $540.00
  4. Thermaster Single Zone 760L Premium Wine Cooler WB-271B -15%
    Out of stock

    Thermaster Single Zone 760L Premium Wine Cooler WB-271B

    Special Price $2,974.15 Regular Price $3,499.00
  5. Thermaster Dual Zone Medium Premium Wine Cooler - WB-155B

    Special Price $2,057.00 Regular Price $2,420.00
  6. Thermaster Single Zone Large Premium Wine Cooler - WB-166A

    Special Price $1,972.00 Regular Price $2,320.00
  7. Thermaster Single Zone Wine Cooler - WB-51A

    Special Price $1,207.00 Regular Price $1,420.00
  8. Fagor Dual Zone Two Door Black Central Wine Cellar - FWC-2302-2CB

    Special Price $38,617.50 Regular Price $51,490.00

Items 1-12 of 18

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Brisbane's warm climate makes a reliable beverage fridge essential for preserving the quality and flavour of your favourite vintages. Discover the perfect beverage storage for your Brisbane home, tailored to our unique Queensland lifestyle. Whether you're a connoisseur with a prized collection or a fine-dining restaurant, our selection of these fridges will keep your bottles at the ideal temperature, ready for any occasion. Our range caters to all tastes and spaces, from sleek, modern designs to more traditional styles. It ensures your beverage is always stored in optimal conditions. You can select the best fit for your home with energy-efficient models and various capacities. 
Apart from the titular product, you can also efficiently preserve and chill your beverages. Check out the best of them on our web page now. 

Why Choose Our Wine Fridges? 

Choosing such a product is a strategic investment for restaurants, bars, event planners, caterers, gourmet food and beverage stores, and individual enthusiasts. It ensures optimal storage conditions, preserves the quality of the drink, offers aesthetic and organisational benefits, and provides a convenient and energy-efficient solution for its storage. Let's check out why you must choose these products for your businesses. 
Optimal Temperature Control 

These fridges ensure that wines are stored at a constant temperature. It is essential for preserving their quality and flavour. This is important for restaurants, bars, and event planners, who must maintain the integrity of their selection. Besides, advanced wine fridges offer customisable temperature zones, allowing different types of red, white and sparkling collections to be stored at their ideal temperatures. This feature benefits caterers and gourmet food & beverage stores that offer a diverse range of beverages. 
Enhanced Preservation 

Proper humidity levels prevent corks from drying and oxidising the drink. Wine fridges maintain optimal humidity, ensuring long-term preservation. Many such fridges are also equipped with UV-resistant doors to protect the drink from harmful light exposure, which can degrade the quality over time. This is crucial for businesses with a significant investment in their inventory. 
Space Efficiency and Organisation 

These appliances are designed to fit various spaces, from small bars to large restaurant kitchens. They provide a compact and organised way to store many bottles. The adjustable shelves in such fridges accommodate bottles of various sizes, making it easier for event planners and caterers to organise their selections efficiently. 
Aesthetic Appeal 

For Gourmet food and beverage stores, these products offered by wine fridge suppliers in Brisbane offer an elegant way to display the bottles. The sleek design and clear glass doors entice customers and increase the visual appeal of the classic selection. Individual enthusiasts and high-end restaurants can use these appliances to showcase their prized collections, adding a touch of sophistication to their space. 
Convenience and Accessibility 

These fridges are designed for easy access, making it simple for busy restaurant and bar staff to retrieve bottles during service quickly. Some portable models allow caterers and event planners to transport the bottles to different locations while maintaining optimal storage conditions. 
Energy Efficiency 

Many titular fridges are designed with energy-efficient technology. These products are crucial for businesses aiming to reduce operational costs and their environmental footprint. Eco-friendly models are also available, appealing to customers who prioritise sustainability. 

From small countertop units to large, built-in systems, these models are available to meet the needs of various customer segments, including restaurants, bars, and individual collectors. Some advanced fridges come with features like dual-zone cooling, humidity trays, and built-in alarms, providing comprehensive solutions for wine storage.
Get ample storage space with state-of-the-art cooling technology. Check out our Upright Display Fridge collection. 

Investment in Quality 

Investing in such a piece of equipment ensures that the drink ages properly and reaches its full potential, enhancing its value and taste. Serving the bottle at the perfect temperature enhances the customer experience for restaurants, bars, and caterers. This feature can result in higher satisfaction and repeat business. 
Types of Wine Fridges Available in Brisbane 

We are one of the foremost wine fridge sellers in Brisbane. We have a wide array of refrigerators for every connoisseur. Our options include various products starting from as low as $350. Let's get to know all the products we have at our disposal with following key points. 
Underbench Wine Cooler 

Maximise space with this sleek offering provided by the best wine fridge dealer in Brisbane. It is perfect for keeping your collection at the ideal temperature under your countertop. 
Single Zone Premium Wine Cooler
Experience superior storage with this single-zone premium cooler, designed to maintain a consistent temperature for your finest collection. 
Dual Zone Two-Door Premium Cooler 

This dual-zone, two-door premium beverage cooler offers optimal storage for red and white wines at perfect temperatures, ensuring every bottle is ready to enjoy. 
Single Zone One Door Black Central Wine Cellar 

Stylish and functional, this single-zone, one-door black central wine cellar has a sleek black design and provides consistent cooling for your entire collection. 
Single Zone One & Two Door Black Wall-Mounted Cellar 

Elegantly display your wines with this single-zone black wall-mounted wine cellar, available in one- and two-door configurations to fit your space and style. 
Dual Zone Two Door Black Central Cellar
Store your reds and whites at ideal temperatures with this dual zone two-door black central cellar, which combines style and functionality for the serious wine enthusiast. 

Looking for efficient refrigeration units to fit under workbenches & countertops? Check out our Underbench Fridges collection for your ideal pick. 
Dual Zone Two Door Black Wall-Mounted Wine Cellar 

Optimise your drinks storage with this dual-zone black classic wall-mounted cellar. It features two doors and precise temperature control, making it a versatile and modern addition to your home. For further information, visit LCE – the top wine fridge distributor in Brisbane. 
Key Features to Consider 

When buying such fridges in Brisbane, it's crucial to look at several key features to ensure the purchase meets the specific needs of various customer segments, including Restaurants, Bars, Event Planners and Individual Enthusiasts. Let’s look at the main features to consider. 
Capacity and Size 

Check the size and capacity of the equipment. Large-capacity refrigerators store your collection to cater to diverse customer preferences, while portable or mid-sized fridges can be easily transported to different venues. These are good for events and catering venues. Gourmet Food & Beverage Stores have a range of sizes to attractively display a curated selection of drinks. 

Temperature Zones 

Check the temperature zones for your beverage. For example, dual or multiple zones allow different types of red, white or sparkling beverages to be stored at optimal temperatures, essential for establishments offering diverse selections. Consistent temperature control is crucial for maintaining its quality, particularly for gourmet stores and wine enthusiasts. 
Design and Aesthetics 

Stylish Appearance is necessary for display purposes in restaurants, bars, and gourmet stores, where it enhances the ambience and attracts customers. Compact and sleek Designs are perfect for event planners and caterers who need to integrate fridges seamlessly into various settings. 
Energy Efficiency 

Check the product’s energy-saving efficiency. Energy-star-rated wine fridges in Brisbane are crucial for all customer segments to reduce operational costs and environmental impact. 
Noise Levels 

It is essential to look at the amount of noise the machine generates. Most restaurants, bars, and individuals want a machine that operates quietly. So, one must choose the fridge accordingly to ensure a pleasant atmosphere without disturbing noise. 
Shelving and Accessibility 

Look at the shelving facilities. Adjustable shelving accommodates different bottle sizes and shapes, ideal for businesses and enthusiasts with diverse collections. Choose smooth sliding shelves for convenient access. They are essential in high-traffic areas like bars and catering events. 
Security Features 

Opt-in for lockable doors in restaurants, bars, and stores to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the security of valuable collections. 
Build Quality and Durability
Always choose products with sturdy construction. These are long-lasting and reliable. Besides, they are crucial for heavy usage in commercial settings like bars and catering services. Also, consider brands with good warranties and technical support in Brisbane for peace of mind. 
We are proud of the build quality and long-lastingness of each of our offerings, including Upright Freezers. Click to see all the options. 
Humidity Control 

Choose machines with integrated humidity control mechanisms. These mechanisms maintain ideal humidity levels to preserve the quality, which is essential for all customer segments, especially gourmet stores and enthusiasts with valuable collections. Contact LCE, the leading wine fridge supplier in Brisbane, to garner precious insights. 
Brand Reputation and Reviews 

Select reputable brands known for quality and reliability. Also, look at positive reviews from other businesses and enthusiasts.