Commercial Freezer

Commercial freezers, like commercial fridges, are some of the most important catering equipment units to include in your kitchen. Freezing enables food to be preserved for later use, while also creating an important storage space. This is to make sure no contamination occurs, or that food doesn’t go rotten. Freezing is vital within any business, especially those restaurants and cafes stocking meat.

At Leading Catering Equipment we supply a full range of carefully constructed commercial freezers for sale. This range includes commercial upright freezers, commercial chest freezers, workbench freezers and display freezers – each one providing certain convenience, sizing and unique features.

Our freezers, as well as our industrial refrigerators, are well suited, side-by-side, within any workspace or kitchen. Each one is constructed with strong heavy-duty materials for durability and long-term use, interior lighting for vision, digital controls for convenience and efficient ventilation. Every commercial refrigerator freezer can vary slightly when it comes to these factors, so it’s important to know how each one can benefit your workspace.

At Leading Catering Equipment, we sell only the best commercial fridge freezers on the market from all the leading brands. You can also browse through our commercial refrigerators, to match together the two most important appliances you’ll need for your kitchen.

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  1. -25%
    Turbo Air Swing Door Freezer - FRS-1250F
    Regular Price $10,494.00 Special Price $7,870.50 $7,155.00
  2. -21%
    Stainless Steel Two Door Bench Freezer - LD2100BT
    Regular Price $2,656.50 Special Price $2,088.90 $1,899.00
  3. -33%
    Stainless Steel Three Door Bench Freezer - LD3100BT
    Regular Price $3,270.30 Special Price $2,198.90 $1,999.00
  4. -32%
    Stainless Steel Two Door Upright Freezer - LD600BTM
    Regular Price $3,160.30 Special Price $2,145.00 $1,950.00
  5. -37%
    Stainless Steel Four Door Upright Freezer - LD1200BTM
    Regular Price $4,836.70 Special Price $3,069.00 $2,790.00
  6. -15%
    Bar/Undercounter Freezer 80L - DC-80F
    Regular Price $636.90 Special Price $541.37 $492.15
  7. -15%
    BD466F Chest Freezer with SS lid
    Regular Price $1,705.00 Special Price $1,449.25 $1,317.50
  8. -15%
    Heavy Duty Chest Freezer with Glass Sliding Lids - WD-300F
    Regular Price $1,716.00 Special Price $1,458.60 $1,326.00
  9. -15%
    Heavy Duty Chest Freezer with Glass Sliding Lids - WD-400F
    Regular Price $1,958.00 Special Price $1,664.30 $1,513.00
  10. -15%
    BD598F Chest Freezer With SS Lid
    Regular Price $2,156.00 Special Price $1,832.60 $1,666.00
  11. -15%
    Chest Freezer with SS lid - BD768F
    Regular Price $2,640.00 Special Price $2,244.00 $2,040.00
  12. -15%
    SUF500 TROPICAL Thermaster 2×½ door SS Freezer
    Regular Price $3,828.00 Special Price $3,253.80 $2,958.00
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