Chairs and Lounges

Restaurant chairs and lounges are vital for sitting and comfortably dining within your establishment, and at Leading Catering we have a wide range of furniture goods to meet those basic needs.

Our chairs and lounges boast the latest designs and styles with strong materials for comfort, relief and stability. We have various restaurant chairs from basic stock chairs for sitting, armless benches to wait for orders and specialised armchairs to add class and a traditional look, while our café lounges add further cushioning relief with extra space.

Part of our restaurant furniture range, Leading’s lounges and chairs are well matched with our sublime tables tops, table bases and dining tables. We know that a dining space needs to remain consistent and that is why we only order bulk stock that syncs well with our other designs and styles. These designs are also suited for indoor and outdoor settings, so you can easily spread your dining space to serve more patrons.

Whatever look or material you desire for your restaurant lounges and chairs you can always find something at Leading.

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