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Cake display fridges on sale! Everything is 40% OFF!

Customers love nothing more than a sweet treat or a delicious, mouth-watering cake, especially one that is presented for the entire world to see. Cakes are always needed for weddings, birthdays and general celebrations, and that is why it’s essential for your café, bakery, dessert store or takeaway shop to stock a counter-top and picturesque cake display fridge.

The cake fridges at Leading Catering are built to store and present your cakes, breads, pastries, cold foods and other snacks. These units come in many sizes with several display options such as curved glass and square glass for the exterior look, stand-alone designs, interior LED lighting and varying levels of display - depending on how many cakes, sweets or snacks you want to showcase. This helps you to choose the right fitting fridge for your business, matched up with the clearest views.

If you’re on a budget and require a more cost-effective option, then we have plenty of used cake display fridges for sale and cheap, factory second food display units that work wonders for showcasing your culinary artistry and compare well with the latest commercial refrigeration products in the market. Our factory second display fridges are on sale and heavily reduced, with up to 40% off.

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  1. -40%
    2NDs: Bonvue Chilled Food Display - SG150FA-2XB
    Special Price $3,101.00 +GST Regular Price $5,169.00 +GST
  2. -40%
    2NDs: STW120 Bellevista Chilled Display
    Special Price $905.00 +GST Regular Price $1,509.00 +GST
  3. -40%
    2NDs: Bellevista Chilled Display - STW160
    Special Price $995.00 +GST Regular Price $1,659.00 +GST
  4. -40%
    2NDs: 120 Litre Chilled Counter-Top Food Display - HTR120
    Special Price $623.00 +GST Regular Price $1,039.00 +GST
  5. -40%
    2NDs: Venezia Chilled Display Cabinet - SLP860C
    Special Price $4,553.00 +GST Regular Price $7,589.00 +GST
  6. -40%
    2NDs: Chilled Counter-Top Food Display - HTR100
    Special Price $557.00 +GST Regular Price $929.00 +GST
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