Everybody in the food business knows the importance of refrigeration. Caterers and restaurateurs cannot run their business successfully without the use of a refrigerating system. The refrigerator is that which helps a caterer to preserve the quality of their perishable items and it is also the entity behind the cold drinks served in the restaurants. One cannot imagine what these businesses would be without the refrigerator. Maybe they would be running at loss or probably having frequent lawsuits for serving the public with unhygienic meals.


Choosing the right commercial freezer for your catering business


The impact of a refrigerator in restaurants and caterers cannot be underestimated and it remains a perfect investment anybody can make in the food industry. As an item that holds so many benefits, it requires that much attention and diligence should be assigned towards getting a good one for the business. However, the quest may be frustrating and confusing without knowing how to buy a correct commercial freezer. And even more difficult with the presence of lots of brands in the market. Below are the few things you should consider while buying a commercial refrigerator for your restaurants.

1. Purpose

The refrigerator is only a broad term for describing all equipment that can be used for keeping things cold and preserving perishable food substance. However, these refrigerators are in different forms with each having their special features. For example, display fridges are best used for displaying cakes and drinks to customers in a cake shop, café, or bar. The fridge is specifically made with transparent glass and other attractive qualities to draw people's attention to whatever is inside it.

Deep freezers, on the other hand, are best used in storing fishes, meats, and cooking materials that are yet to be cooked. It keeps a sub-zero temperature making it incompatible for cooling drinks as they would get solidify or broken after staying long at that low temperature. A chest freezer is there for any business that needs a large refrigerator for storing and preserving bulky items. Meanwhile, the drawer freezers are available for those who love to pile their food items in a cabinet. And if you offer self-service in your restaurants, then you should be looking for a counter fridge with a glass door.

For this reason, a caterer or restaurateur should first state out the reasons for the business to buy a refrigerator or the purpose of buying a commercial refrigerator. Doing this will guide in selecting the right refrigerator choice for your business and also prevent wasting of capital.


2. Size

Upright FreezerGetting the right sized refrigerator can either save you from losing money in buying a bigger size or regretting buying a smaller size. But before you decide the size of the commercial freezer you want for your catering service or restaurant, you have to consider the following factors.

  • The number of items to be stored

The quantity of the food substance to be kept in the refrigerator will dictate the interior dimension of the freezer to be purchased. Meanwhile, this depends on the size of your restaurant, and the number of customers received daily. Another thing that will influence the number of items to be stored in the refrigerator is the number of food on your menu. A refrigerator of large size will reduce the number of times a restaurant has to order for perishable food items and they will not run out of materials sooner. But in case of a large restaurant where you have many cooking staff, it is better to have small refrigerators placed in different areas of the kitchen for them to work freely without interrupting each other.

  • Available space

Before you proceed with buying a commercial freezer for your business, you have to consider the available space to position it. An upright freezer will assist you to maximize the small space in your cake shop while a large deep freezer can stay in the kitchen or garage.


3. Budget

The cost of refrigerators varies with their size, compartments, and additional features. Display fridges with double glass doors are usually the most expensive while chest freezers are less costly. Meanwhile, a business does not have to go through loan procurement to purchase a new refrigerator when they can easily buy a used one. A secondhand commercial freezer can be a better replacement for a spoilt refrigerator or serve as a solution for a beginner in the business. Therefore, your budget plays a major in determining your choice of the refrigerator.


4. Brands/grades

You should also research the best brands of refrigerator before buying one for your business. This can be done by seeking knowledge from electricians or experts in the business. You can also go online to read reviews left by people who have brought the refrigerator. From customer reviews, you can go for reputable brands because they offer reliability.


Bench Freezer5. Castors

This feature is more beneficial to caterers who may have to offer their services outside their workplace. A freezer with castors will move from one place to another easily. And with it, restaurant staff can easily load drinks in the kitchen and then push it out with ease.


6. Availability of parts

Whether it a used freezer or a new refrigerator, you have to worry about the availability of spare parts around your locality. It will be heartbroken to buy a freezer that will require you to order for spare parts from another country. What will happen to your business doing the shipping period?


7. Other things to consider

Fridges bought for advertisement should possess some eye-catching qualities such as lights and must be environmentally friendly. Don't forget to check the electrical ratings of your refrigerator. A freezer that consumes lots of electrical power is not good as it will rapidly increase the cost of electricity. You should go for a refrigerator that consumes less power and deliver at high efficiency.

Buying a refrigerator requires diligence and seriousness. Therefore you need every help at your disposal. Leading catering equipment is the place where you can get the refrigerator of your dreams. We have helped you to sort out the best refrigerators in the market, and all you have to do is to select one of your choices. Also, we have both new and used commercial refrigeration for sale at affordable prices.