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  1. AT-936E Toaster / Griller / Salamander

    Special Price $466.65 Regular Price $549.00
  2. GH-811EE Single Contact Grill Sandwich Press

    Special Price $501.50 Regular Price $590.00
  3. GH-813EE Large Double Contact Grill Sandwich press

    Special Price $756.50 Regular Price $890.00
  4. DE-1E Crepe Maker 1 Plate

    Special Price $501.00 Regular Price $590.00
  5. FED HD-07-S Rolling hotdog grill 7 rollers

    Special Price $578.00 Regular Price $680.00

7 Items

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Portable and easily operated, the contact grill, also known as the sandwich press or hot dog grill, is one of the most widely used kitchen appliances to grill sandwiches, toast, vegetables, meats, eggs, bacon, breads, salads, seafood and skewers.

Many diners and restaurant kitchens find much use with their contact grills, which apply heated plates and pressure to cook.

At Leading Catering Equipment our commercial contact grills are heavy duty made and can be used across your workspace in any area. Our grills have independent heat controls with mounted cast iron plates, all built within a steel frame.

You can also browse our ceramic contact grills, which use ceramic plates to heat food lightning fast. Ceramic grills are also easy to clean.